If you are looking for a quick; once-pass-over cleaning maid service that’s cheap, don’t call us!

We consider ourselves the ” Best Maid Service in the Brandon and Valrico Area.”

But don’t take our word for it; try our Maid Service and see for yourself. We offer a high-quality and friendly maid service at a very reasonable price with no contracts. We have over 25 years of experience and are seeking new customers who want great service and excellent cleaning results that you can always count on. Call us at (813) 325-4985 or click on Free Quote to get our estimate with no obligation.

At Valrico Home Maid Service, we take our job seriously and take pride in providing the highest-quality service possible. When we leave the customer’s premises, whether residential or commercial, the place is not just Clean but Healthy Clean! Our maid service is different from the other local maid services in the Brandon and Valrico areas. We clean your home or business as if it were our own place. We take pride in efficiently delivering our superior cleaning services, which include our best practices developed over 25 years.

bryan and christine owner of valrico home maid service

Valrico Home Maid Service owners Bryan & Christine

Our maid service is different because of our owner and founder, Christine MacLachlan. Christine is a “Neatnik.” She is one of those rare people who has the energy and discipline to take pleasure in cleaning and bring order to chaos immediately. Christine’s mission is not just “Best-Quality Maid Service” with integrity to do it the right way. But to provide a “Healthy Clean” that will focus on killing or being free of viruses, germs, molds, dust, allergens, etc. To do this, she spent years studying and researching how to kill viruses, bacteria and mold and practical cleaning techniques to best remove them. The result is a deep knowledge of doing the job beyond just cleaning!  Christine is happy to contribute to improving the quality of life of her customers by providing a healthy clean.

When it comes to cleaning, Christine is committed to providing cleaning products that she personally tests herself and developing best practices that meet her high standards. Christine’s cleaning checklist has become part of her memory of the countless cleaning hours she spent over 25 years.  Her dedication to the best quality cleaning has led to the following benefits:

  • Best Quality Cleaning: our best practices make our cleaning better than our competition
  • Consistency: A steady standard of quality for services and cleaning results
  • Efficiency: Quality-driven processes eliminate redundancies, leading to achieving faster results
  • Cost Reduction: Our efficient, quality processes have led to better results and lower costs
  • Minimize Rework: A quality focus is on organized tasks to reduce inefficiencies, errors, and waste
  • Motivated Workforce: A joint commitment to the best quality by our entire team and better morale

Is it about time you called in the Cleaning Experts and the Best Professional Maid Service in the Valrico, Brandon and FiskHawk areas?


Christine provides trusted, high-quality maid services and is the local expert in all facets of professional cleaning with 25 years of experience.


Get our Free Estimate, and we will work with you to customize a cleaning plan to get the tailored cleaning you want.


Call us at (813) 325-4985 or click on Free Quote to complete our online form.

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