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We will work with you to define the best-personalized cleaning service to fit your needs and budget to achieve the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation. Valrico Home Maid Service offers 2-types-of-services: Maid Service and, Disinfection Service.


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Our 2 Types of Cleaning Services

Maid Service

Recurring Maid Service and One-Time Maid Service have the same same quality. For recurring services  you may schedule weekly, bi-monthly or monthly to keep your home clean and healthy and always ready for visitors. Our free estimate may be customized to your specific needs. Our service is a fixed price per visit. Our first service takes more time and effort than the subsequent scheduled services.

Disinfection Service

Our Disinfection Service is for homes and businesses. This service can effectively eradicate molds, bacteria, and viruses, as well as the Coronavirus. Our service uses electrostatic sprayers as the best way distribute our disinfectant agent, (EPA Reg# 87508-89334) in 360-degree sanitizing area spray. We follow CDC guidelines.

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Maid Service

As a family-owned business, we provide professional maid services you would expect from a larger company. We are focused on delivering premium cleaning services. We take cleaning to the next level. We convert your home into a healthy living environment by including disinfecting in our maid service.

After 25 years in the home cleaning industry, we are proud to have developed a maid service that includes our best-practices to achieve superior cleaning results to improve the Quality-of-Life of our customers and make life easier.


  Disinfection Service

Our Professional Disinfection Service was introduced to kill the Coronavirus on surfaces. This service minimizes the risk of being infected with Coronavirus from contact areas.

We use the best delivery disinfectant system available and a non-toxic EPA registered sanitizing agent that’s effective in eliminating odors, mold, bacteria and viruses. We use electrostatic sprayers to disseminate the EPA approved disinfectant agent with a 360 degree coverage.

One disinfection treatment will last up to 30 days without human traffic. It’s recommended the Disinfection Service be applied weekly and will depend on the amount of human traffic. Our Disinfection Service is for both homes and businesses and is reasonably priced starting at pennies per square foot.

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Our Disinfection Service kills the Coronavirus

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