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Your Home will be Clean, Sanitized, Healthy and Always Ready for Visitors at a Reasonable Price.

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Our Unique Healthy Cleaning Process Kills Bacteria, Viruses, Mold, and Removes Insect Debris, Dust, & Dirt.

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Our Unique Healthy Cleaning Process is the reason.

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Consistent Cleaning Results Enjoy Coming Home to a Very Clean House
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25 Years Experience developing our Unique Healthy Cleaning Process

Reliable Family Business – Licensed (FL LLC DC# L20000115450, Hillsborough Business Tax ID #60863, & Federal Tax ID #85-0930485), Insured & Bonded


Best Methods & Equipment – using the Newest Cleaning Technology

Effective Safe Cleaning Products for a Better Eco Friendly Environment
Impeccable Quality with Our Comprehensive Assurance Checklist
No ContractsWe Keep Our Customers by Doing a Better Cleaning Job
Responsive Personalized ServiceWe Treat You like Family
Our Cleaning Promise Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
We Offer Disinfection ServicesEradicates Micro-Organisms
Maid Service
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Home & Business
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Relax in the Pool instead of Cleaning Your House

Valrico Home Maid Service always performs the job

Your Family will Enjoy a Clean and Healthy Home

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We Take Cleaning to the Next Level to a Healthy Refreshing Clean.

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Our Professional Disinfection Service for Home and Business uses advanced electrostatic sprayers and  EPA approved disinfectants

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Our Maid Service goes beyond cleaning – We do a Healthy Clean!

Why are We the Best House Cleaning Services?

Christine, the owner, has a passion for cleaning homes. She personally ensures every home is clean to her high standards with no excuses. As a premium Maid Service, the priority is making your home clean and healthier. Many of our customers say after our regular Maid Service, their home looks great and the indoor air is noticeably cleaner and more refreshing. We get rid of the mess, make it tidy, leaving your home clean and a healthy living environment.

smile Making Life Easier for You!
Valrico Home Maid Service makes it extremely easy to get a clean house that’s always ready for visitors. When we do the cleaning, you get back the free time you deserve and the time you need to relax and unwind without the hassle.

Call us at (813) 325-4985for a Free Quote or fill out our online form by clicking on Free Quote.


Our Maid Service is owned and run by a woman, Christine Maclachlan. She has been cleaning since she was a little girl and is an expert in the maid industry. Christine understands your needs and the importance of a Clean and Healthy Home.

Our unique Healthy Cleaning Process was developed by us over two decades to clean and sanitize our customers’ homes using Eco-friendly effective cleaning products that are common or natural anti-bacteria, and nontoxic.

  • We have researched where viruses, dust, and mold can live in your home. We use the proper equipment and disinfectant products to kill viruses, molds, and bacteria to ensure your house is not just clean, but a healthy home, for you and your family.
  • We pride ourselves with over 25 years of know-how to take cleaning to the next level.
  • We are the best because we test your cleaning result with our Comprehensive Assurance Checklist to ensure we did a complete and highest quality job.
  • Also, we do random “Quality Control Audits”. We check in on our workers unannounced to make sure that they are doing their best job and ensure exceptional quality service is performed. Any failure is not tolerated and corrected.
  • We have a 48-hour guarantee on all work that is done by our employees. If you don’t like it, we will come back and fix it, with a smile!
  • When you choose to have your home clean by us, you’re not just guaranteed a clean home but peace of mind knowing that honest, trustworthy, licensed, bonded, insured people are cleaning your home. We have a track record of trust for over 25 years with our customer and references to back it up.
  • We offer a variety of services to fit your needs: Weekly, Bi-weekly or, Monthly Recurring Cleaning, One-Time, Move In/Out, Seasonal Cleaning and more.
  • We care about our customers and their needs. If you have a problem or for any reason, you can call the owner, Christine, to discuss it. If we are unable to answer your call, please expect a call-back from us within hours, not days.
  • We use our exclusive “Double Disinfectant System“. This approach ensures no viruses, mold, or bacteria are alive when we finish cleaning your home.
    • Firstly, we hand-wipe all wet areas down with approved sanitary and disinfectant products.
    • Secondly, we wipe it down with a special e-cloth with embedded silver lining to kill bacteria. Research has shown that silver ions left on surfaces from the e-cloth kills micro-organisms.

Our Maid Service uses the best cleaning techniques to effectively eliminate common bacteria, viruses, and mold, as well as to remove insect debris, dust, dirt, and lint. We don’t just clean your home but make it a healthy living environment.

Our Professional Disinfection Service will absolutely kill the Coronavirus from all contact surfaces of your home or business.

Christine MacLachan, the founder and owner of Valrico Home Maid Service LLC, has created a time-tested methods and proven quality-assurance checklist; so Your home is not just Very Clean, but a Healthy Home!

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If you are looking for a reliable, high quality maid service that will yield remarkable results, request our Free Estimate. We will work with you to customize our maid service to address your needs and budget.

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Our House Cleaning Goals

  • Create a Clean and Healthy Home
  • Enjoy a Refreshing Living Environment
  • Improve your Quality-of-Life by making life easier & give you more free-time

Doing Business with Our Home Maid Services is Easy

  • We Work with You to Customize the Maid Service You Want
  • Free Estimate via Online or Call Us
  • Family-Owned & Talk with the Owner, Christine, Anytime

Flexible Maid Service

  • Deep Cleaning Using a Rotation Plan
  • One-Time Item Cleaning i.e., Stoves, Refrigerators, etc.
  • Special Emergency Cleaning  Services & Gift Certificates
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What Does Our Customers Say About Our Cleaning Service?

We have changed our name from McLachlan Maid Service to Valrico Home Maid Service.

What a Treat to have a Clean House!

lessWhat a treat it is to have my house cleaned twice a week by a company that takes pride in its  work. I have had the pleasure of using MacLachlan Maid Service for over 10 years. The service was outstanding, reliable and extremely professional. It is encouraging to have cleaners who are so friendly and warm as they go about making my house look it’s best and be a healthy environment to raise my family. They provide top notch care and are honest and caring. When they are done with my house smells great, the carpets are manicured, the wood floors are without streaks and the bathrooms and kitchen are germless (germ free).  From my house to yours I give MacLachlan Maid Service 5/5 stars.


Debi J (Dunedin)

Maid Service that's Exceptional!

MacLachlan Maid Service is exceptional!

They have always made our home spotless; and, left us very happy and deeply appreciative every time!

They are extremely thorough and care very deeply about the service they provide!

They are very dependable and trustworthy people!

MacLachlan Maid Service  is definitely the best cleaning service we have ever had!

Janice H from Oldsmar

One-Time Special Residential Cleaning Service

Patio or Lanai Cleaning

Outdoor Furniture Cleaning

Food Pantry Cleaning

Stove & Oven Cleaning

Refrigerator Cleaning

Microwave Cleaning

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